Sting N Linger - Established 1992


about_pic.jpg"I can remember the day when my salsa was fittingly named..."

While experimenting with countless variations of ingredients, namely fresh chilies, peppers, garlic, onions and spices; I stumbled upon a formula that caused a distinctive "lingering sting" in my mouth! Hence, the name "Sting 'n' Linger", that was over two decades ago.

In the early days we had our products professionally made by a co-packer. In May of 2000, we moved into to our own production facility. Manufacturing our own products has given us great flexibility with the development of new products and the ability to improve the existing ones.

Sting 'n' Linger food products are unique.  We start by using these all natural ingredients: fresh chilies, fresh peppers, fresh onions, fresh garlic, and fresh cilantro. You will discover the difference in the texture, aroma, color, and natural taste.

We never use any chemicals in our products.  Everything is preserved with lemon juice, lime juice, and red wine vinegar.

All of our products are fully guaranteed, so please let us know if something didn't meet your expectations and we will gladly make it right for you.

Our great products include:

Sting 'n' Linger Salsas - now in 13 great varieties!

Sting 'n' Linger Hot Sauces - with 8 flavors, this is the only hot sauce you will ever need!

Sting 'n' Linger Seasoning - 4 flavors to choose from, your first choice for adding flavor and seasoning to everything!

Sting 'n' Linger BBQ Sauces, now in 5 flavor bursting choices!

Arizona GR8 Oils - an EXCELLENT blend of canola and EXTRA VIRGIN olive oils - available in 4 great flavors!

Ghost Pepper Products - *Warning* - Made with Ghost Pepper which has been rated at 1,000,000+ scoville!  Great tasting salsa, hot sauce, seasoning, Bloody Mary mix and BBQ sauce!

We also have Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Scorpion hot sauces and seasonings!  These are HOT HOT HOT - and loaded with flavor as well.

We have something for everyone!  So come on in - take a look around and order yours today!

Our website has seen many changes over the years.  There have been some fun graphics on them.  Just a few of our favorites from the past are below.