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All natural salsa made with mostly fresh
ingredients, gluten free, low sodium, no
chemicals. Sensational! Twelve varieties
to choose from Mild to XXX and our new
Ghost Pepper!  Try a mixed case today.
All natural hot sauce made mostly with fresh ingredients, gluten free low sodium, no chemicals. We offer a Jalapeno Hot Sauce, two Habanero Hot Sauces, Ghost Pepper and 3 GREAT NEW FLAVORS - Prickly Pear, Carolina Reaper, and Trinidad Scorpian Hot Sauce!

Truly the only seasoning you'll ever need. It is fantastic on all types of fish, chicken, beef, pork, vegetables, pizza, popcorn, pasta, salads and many others.  There are now 4 great flavors!  Original, Ghost Pepper and the two newest - Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper.  Get one of each today and let us know which is your favorite!

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We have four cooking oils to offer you, Regular Garlic Oil, Mildly Spicy garlic Oil, Hot and Spicy Garlic Oil, and Chipotle Oil. The oils can be used In the place of butter to save calories and add flavor.

This one contains everything you’d need to make that perfect drink with a little bite.   Available in Zesty and Ghost Pepper flavors.


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4 great new BBQ sauce flavors and still our original BBQ sauce - there is a flavor for every taste and everyone!